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Why Us?

We are thrilled that you asked...

The science of Applied Behavior Analysis is the premier, empirically validated approach for all problems big and small that have to do with behavior.  THE GOOD NEWS is that any problem that has to do with students, staff or people in general is behavioral in nature, since behavior involves everything that people say AND do.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst's (BCBA's) job is quite literally to study the root causes of specific behavioral phenomena and then work with

clients to create lasting, meaningful behavioral change that affects the lives of students, parents and teachers in AMAZINGLY POSITIVE WAYS.  These ways might include increased performance in school, improved relationships with caregivers and peers, OR more appropriate behavior at home.  We think that BEHAVIORAL ACADEMICS stands out from the crowd in 3 important ways:  

1) Our Research, Your Development:

While other companies might have BCBAs on staff, chances are those consultants are not actively involved in major research that is moving the ball forward on child and adult mental health.  In addition to being a seasoned consultant, our BCBA, Brian has been a lead field researcher with Harvard University Graduate School of Education AND currently serves as the clinical liaison for the Global Psychiatric Epidemiology Group at Columbia University. 

2) We LOVE teachers:

With a teacher at the helm of our organization, we are intimately aware of the unique challenges that behavioral and academic issues present for teaching staff.  Teachers are almost always our first point of contact when we come to problem solve, and we have found that without their collaboration and input, nothing gets done.  We give teachers the respect and deference they deserve, and tailor behavioral interventions, classroom strategies and topics for professional development with teachers' needs at the forefront.

3) Small company,   BIG results:

We keep the circle small for a reason.  Our boutique business model allows us to serve one client at a time to the ABSOLUTE BEST of our ability.  There is something to be said for getting our founders on the phone whenever you need them.  More access means more face time, more availability and more of a chance that we can get out to see you as soon as you need us. That makes a HUGE difference when you are in the midst of a behavioral crisis.  The work that you do is important and as consultants, we want to be an integral part of it.

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